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1K VS 2K Aerosol Spray Cans

What is the difference between 1K and 2K aerosol canisters?

A 2K aerosol spray canister contains the same contents of a 1K can, but with the additional benefit of special hardening agent built into a separated compartment within the same canister. We supply the entire range of RAL spray paint , Pantone spray paint, NCS spray paint and British Standard paints colours in 2K (also known as 2 pack) spray paint canisters.

This hardener is manually released into the can via a simple valve and gives you 8 hours of use. The hardener provides the Paint/Lacquer/Primer additional protection once applied to a surface area. Typical examples for this use are: car body parts, machinery, doorways and other heavy traffic areas.

2K Aerosol paint can

The 2K can is a superior product and is strongly recommended when application of the Paint/Lacquer/Primer is intended for an exterior surface. 2K provides durable protection against environmental exposures and will provide a harder wearing, smoother finish with improved resistances to scuffs/scratches and the elements.

Application of a standard 2k paint spray

Please note, once the hardening agent has been combined with the Paint/Lacquer/Primer you have up to 8 hours to apply the contents of that can before the can becomes unusable, please read instructions provided with this product.2K Paint Product Information:

Our 2K paint is a high solid acrylic car refinishing paint with good protection to fight against weathering. It is suitable for complete or partly painting of cars and all commercial vehicles with a high hiding power.

Storage Life:

1-8 hours depending on the hardener in use.

Curing time / Flash off time:

10-15 minutes

1k Paint Information

It is suitable for complete or partly painting of cars and all commercial vehicles with a high hiding power. This can also be used on various other materials such as plastic, metal, wood.

Storage Life:

More than 2 years in the original can.

Curing time / flash off time:

5-10 minutes

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