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What is the difference between Cellulose, Acrylic & Synthetic Enamel Spray Paint

Confused about which paint type to purchase? Please read the information below but if in any doubt or you are still confused please contact us and we will advise you as necessary.

Cellulose Paint 1K and 2K

Cellulose paint can be used for a wide range of things in home use by the handyman and also in professional use, It is especially useful where a shorter drying time is required due to it being a "air drying" paint. Air drying being a product that as soon as its applied the thinners will begin to evaporate leaving a film of paint on the surface. Cellulose paint will require approximately 4-5 coats as opposed to a 2k paint requiring 2-3 coats to achieve a full and proper finish.

Common cellulose uses include:

And pretty much most surfaces that you may come across, if to be used on wood please contact us for preparation advice.

Acrylic Paint 1K and 2K

Acrylic paint is available in both 1k and 2k. They are both extremely hard wearing and available in a whole spectrum of colours including metallic. The obvious advantage of using the 1k is the shorter drying time as opposed to the 2k which takes approximately 24 hours to cure completely. Both are both durable and hardwearing.

Common acrylic uses include:

Synthetic Enamel Paint 1K

Synthetic enamel is a highly durable paint which is ideal for a harder more robust finish. The range of paints will give you a smooth perfect finish in only 2/3 coats but will take considerably longer to dry due to this not being a "air drying" paint but more of a chemical reaction. Please do not forget to wear a mask whilst using any kind of aerosol paints.

Common synthetic enamel include:

Please note: Synthetic enamel paint can only be supplied with a 1k hardness as standard.

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