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RAL Metallic 3012 Beige Red Paint Spray Paint - 1K/2K Pack Aerosol Cans

£14.99 - £180

Optional Additives

Optional Extras

1 Pack (1K) Discounts Price
0 - 9 - 400ml £17.99
10 - 49 - 400ml £16.99
50 - 99 - 400ml £15.99
100 - 199 - 400ml £14.99
200 - 499 - 400ml £13.99
500 - 999 - 400ml £12.99
1000 + - 400ml £11.99

Manufacturer: One Stop Aerosols

Product Code: RAL Metallic 3012 Beige Red Paint

Availability: In Stock

Price: £ 14.99 – £ 180 ( GBP)

Condition: New

RGB Colour Code: 198,132,109

Hexadecimal Colour Code: #C6846D

We recommend aerosol primer be used on surfaces before the topcoat paint is applied for the best results.

Product Description

The most affordable supplier of custom filled RAL Metallic 3012 Beige Red Paint paint canisters in the UK from the RAL Classic Colour Chart.

All paints are custom mixed inhouse & sealed into high-quality 400ml aerosol rattle cans in your hardness choice. (1K & 2K also known as 1 Pack & 2 Packs), gloss level & paint type, which includes cellulose, Acrylic Enamel & synthetic enamel. Bulk paint discount prices are available per can, or buy touch up & repair pots.

Directions For Use

  1. Ensure the surface to be painted is clean and dry.
  2. Mask adjacent area with tape.
  3. Shake can for two minutes before commencing painting.
  4. Test product first on another small area to check colour.
  5. Hold the spray head at a distance of 20 to 30 cm away from the surface to be painted.
  6. Spraying with an even stroke from right to left and release the spray head at the end of each stroke.
  7. After use, the invert can clear the spray head by spraying until clear gas only is emitted.
  8. If spray head should clog, remove and clean with cellulose thinners.
  9. Never point the spray head towards a person.


All our paints are perfect for model painting, cladding repairs, metals, aluminium, plastics, PVC windows and doors.

Optional Additives

Odour Elimination

Ideal for adding to your paint to remove the smelly part of recoating in areas where the smell isn't acceptable. Our elimination additive will make your colour smell pleasant and pleasing; ideal for home projects, around the elderly and in almost any situation requiring more pleasant odours. But please beware that all breathing equipment and health and safety should be taken into account.

UV Protection

By adding our UV protection to your paint, you can add years to the life of your paint. Our UV protector cuts out the harmful elements of the suns rays, thus extending your paint's life from bleaching.

Safety Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the drying times for aerosols?

1K Aerosol paint takes around 30 minutes to cure completely.

The time it takes for a 2K aerosol to touch dry in 40 minutes. To dry out thoroughly is 24-48 hours depending on the conditions the paint is used in, for example, it will take longer to fully cure if applied outside in colder or damper conditions as opposed to a hot summers day.

What sort of coverage can I expect?

You can expect to be able to coat roughly 2 square meters in a single coat using a 400ml aerosols.

How many coats do you recommend?

For best results, we recommend 2-4 coats depending on the colour chosen, existing colour to be re top coated and surface material to be sprayed.

Do I have to use a primer before applying a topcoat?

We highly recommend the use of a primer for almost all your painting plans, we stock and supply the correct primers necessary for the surface material, example glass primers, fibreglass primers and plastic primers. When choosing a primer, it is essential to select the proper primer for the surface material you plan to apply the topcoat.

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The colour RAL Metallic 3012 Beige Red Paint displayed on this page is for guidance only. The colour shown depends on your monitor settings such as brightness, contrast and resolution. The finished paint colour you receive, therefore, may not be as exact as depicted on a screen. Some colours may vary upto 20% compared whats displayed on screen due to this reason.

If you have any questions about our RAL Metallic 3012 Beige Red Paint aerosol paint, please please contact us.