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Volvo Car Paint Aerosol Cans - Touch Up & Repairs £17.99

£6.99 - £26.99

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Quantity Discounts1 Pack (1K)
0 - 9 - 400ml£17.99
10 - 49 - 400ml£16.99
50 - 99 - 400ml£15.99
100 - 199 - 400ml£14.99
200 - 499 - 400ml£13.99
500 - 999 - 400ml£12.99
1000 + - 400ml£11.99

Manufacturer: Riolett Custom Aerosols

Product Code: Volvo Car Paint

Availability: In Stock

Price: £6.99 - £26.99 (GBP)

Condition: New

Product Description

Low-cost colour matched Volvo car spray paint custom mixed & packaged into high-quality 400ml aerosol canisters. These are the perfect option for touch-ups, repairs or re-spraying your automobile an alternative colour. 1k & 2k (also known as 2-Pack aerosols) options are available. Bulk discount car paint prices are available. Volvo Car Paint touch-up & repair pots from £6.99.

Where To Locate Your Volvo Car Paint Colour Codes

Your Volvo Car Paint colour code can be found in your owner's manual. Should you have misplaced the owner's manual, you may also be able to locate the code directly on your vehicle in one of several locations; please see the diagram below to reference where to look.

Typical locations where to search for your colour codes include:

  1. Spare tire
  2. Car Boot lid
  3. Driver's side door
  4. Rear middle console
  5. Under the driver's seat
  6. Right-hand sun visor
  7. Glove box
  8. Engine compartment
  9. Radiator

Caution Before Applying Volvo Car Paint Spray Paint

These are mixed colour paints; the accuracy of the colour should be checked BEFORE application. No responsibility for colour differences will be accepted once the paint has been applied.

Some car paint codes require a first and second coat; both would need to be purchased for a correct colour match. If this is the case, WE will contact you via the email address used to place the order.

Please be aware; all Volvo paints are supplied as unprotected 'Base coats' with a matt finish.

This means you will need to apply an aerosol lacquer over the top to paint protection from damages and achieve your desired gloss level and colour pigment.

For optimal results, we also recommend aerosol primer be used on all surfaces before paint is applied.

Safety Data Sheets

Volvo Car Paint 1K/1 Pack Data Sheet

Volvo Car Paint 2K/2 Pack Data Sheet

Drying Times

20 - 30 minutes touch dry

Directions For Use

  1. Ensure the surface area of your Volvo is clean and dry.
  2. Mask adjacent area with tape.
  3. Shake can for two minutes before use.
  4. Test product first on another small site to check colour.
  5. Hold the spray head at a distance of 20 to 30 cm away from the surface to be painted.
  6. Spray with an even stroke from right to left and release the spray head at each stroke's end.
  7. After use, invert the can and clear the spray head by spraying until clear gas only is emitted.
  8. If paint spray head should clog, remove and clean with cellulose thinners.
  9. Never point spray head towards a person.

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